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Founder of Veterinary Preference — Cindi LaCroix, DVM


Attitude is everything

Dr. Cindi LaCroix has the distinction of being an accomplished horsewoman, winning national titles, as well as being awarded the Hutton-Riley Equine Award of Veterinary Excellence.

She graduated first in her class, equine division, from Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. LaCroix started her own practice in 1991 and, her quest for excellence, and her acceptance of nothing less propelled Dr. LaCroix to become one of the most sought after sports medicine veterinarians in the United States.

Among her clients are some of the most successful performance show stables in the country.

Old problem + Old solution = Same old problem

In the early days of her career, Dr. LaCroix found out that, although vet school gives one a good start, the experience of being “in the field,” as opposed to being in the class room, is the ultimate university.

As her practice grew, and veterinary medical technology advanced, Dr. LaCroix embraced every new diagnostic method and tool, treatment protocol, and therapy advancement, knowing that new technology makes for more efficient and effective Veterinary treatment for each individual patient. Having spent the first 10 years of her practice in Michigan, where the summers are warm and damp, equine thrush and white line disease were common problems among her clientele. Technology, however, seemed to be stuck in the past with respect to developing a truly effective thrush and white line remedy.

Age old problem + Technology based solution = Veterinary Preference

Tired of the length of time and mess required to eradicate thrush by using the available remedies, Dr. LaCroix began to make her own product. She surmised that the nature of the bacteria that causes thrush is such that, a single daily application of even the most popular remedies, is simply not enough to quickly wipe out bacteria and fungus.

In her own mind, what would be necessary for effectiveness would be two-fold; a product that continually medicated throughout the course of the day, and one that would further destroy the growth of the bacteria and fungal organisms by actually wicking away moisture, causing the affected area to dry. What she devised is unlike any other product on the market today, and so effective, she patented it.

Veterinary Preference thrush treatment pads are so effective that for most thrush cases, what used to take up to two weeks of messy treatments to cure, can now be treated in three days, with no mess!

Don’t squander precious “horse time” when you deal with “stinky feet,” use Veterinary Preference thrush treatment pads. And welcome to the 21st century!

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