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A fast-acting, natural thrush treatment with a unique, self-retaining delivery system


No mess, stickiness or staining!

The Veterinary Preference Equine Thrush Treatment is a natural treatment for horse thrush and white line disease with a unique delivery system.

The active medication is saturated into self adhering cotton rolls that, when pressed into the “V” (sulci) of the frog, ensure constant delivery of thrush medication to the affected area. The medication leaves no stains on hoof, clothing or floors.

This treatment is different

The remarkable feature of Veterinary Preference horse thrush pads is our innovative design:

  • Other treatments must dry before setting the hoof back on the ground, which can take several minutes.

  • With the other treatments, when the foot is exposed to water or a wet stall, the medication is washed away.

  • Veterinary Preference is self-retaining, so the horse can carry on normal activity and be continuously medicated.

How it works
  • The active ingredient is natural acidified copper sulfate (also found in citrus fruit) which acts as a mild drying agent

  • The pads stay in the horses hoof to continuously medicate until symptoms subside

  • Replace pads once daily

  • View before-and-after photos of thrush treatment

Pad application
  1. Holding the hoof in one hand, take a hoof pick and clean the hoof and sulci of the hoof and frog of all loose debris and dead tissue

  2. Remove a single moistened cotton roll from the container

  3. Place the roll over the affected area (use one pad for each area to be medicated) and the press the cotton into the sulci (or under the shoe or pad), with the hoof pick

  4. Press the cotton just enough to insure that a snug purchase is achieved

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